Assalammualaikum + annyeong :D

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim/ Hey everybody. Let me introduce more about myself. Say hello to me and keep on reading, yeaa? :]

My Biography :

Name : Nurul izzanie Dzulkifli
Nickname : Nanie
Date Of Birth : 9 Oktober 1999
Hometown : Perak
Stay : Perak
Hobby : Reading, writing, listening to K-Pop, blogging, watching tv
Ambition : Eengenier
Fav. Food : Fried chicken
Fav. Drinks : Milo Ice
Bestfriend : Farehah and Inas 
Status : Single

Heyyo all. Finish read my bio? Good. Now I'm gonna tell more about myself. My name is Nurul Izzanie Dzulkifli.I'm a 12 years old girl this year. I live in Perak. I'm study at SK Taman Jana.I a reporter in my school but I not popular girl because I am a quiet.I don't like people interrupt in my personal business.I have two bestfriend.They are always beside me when I'm in trouble.I like watching Doreamon very much.I like Doraemon.I also like watching Korean movie's..I have twin but not identical twin.She is Inas.She's awesomee just like me, muehehe. I don't like people to judge me. Who are you wanna judge me? If I don't give you trouble, don't give me one, okay? I don't like people talk bad about me. So do you, right? I'm not like others think about me. Maybe you say I'm arrogant. In fact, I'm not dear. Don't scared to say hello to me. I'm not a lion.I don't eat human flesh so you don't worry.I am firm and kind.Kind?Maybe I feel.I'm a blogger since November 2010. At first, I'm a noob blogger. I don't know how to edit that edit this. Stupid me, right? I'm thankful because I've learned many about blogging.Now,blog is my boyfriend..Haha,boyfreind? I  still single and never ever wants to couple.Maybe went I 20 years old,I wants to couple..That's right! I want to be enegineer..Why?I don't not why..I still remeber why I wants to be enneginer.Went I still a kindergarden little girl,I was see one drama "Sembilu Kasih".The drama is about the girl and the boy and bla..bla..Wants to know just go to Youtube and seacher for Sembilu Kasih.Back to the topic,the girl who is an enngenier..I think if I be ennegenier I who is people very rich..haha..Start the days,I wants to be an enngernier but I don't know what types the works so I call the work "tenek-tenek"..Haha,It was very funny..Im sorry if my english very low ya..Hahaha...Ok Bye <3
Likes :
  • Photography
  • K-Pop Music
  • Koreans Culture
  • Foods
  • Read
Hates :
  • Liars
  • Haters
  • Copycats
  • Fakers
That's all about me.
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