Contest : My Header is cute and simple

Assalammualaikum + annyeong, :)

\Bismillahirrahmanirrahim/..Nanie join contest ni

Terms and Conditions :
Update a post with the title
'Contest : My Header is Cute and Simple'
Don't forget to put your Header you want to bet in your post
Put this banner also
Tag 3 of your blogger friends and make sure they know
Contest is valid from now till end of September
Contest will be closed if less than 7 people join

Header saya : 
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2 cute elephant:

Miera Lollipop said...

Oyeah , nak join2 ! \datang menyibuk,hehehhe/

Nanie Eeteuk said...

join lah ya..hehhe

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Assalammualaikum + annyeong, :)

Komen di sini ya!!
Satu perkataan pun tak pe...hehehe
Komen banyak2 tau!!

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